Saturday, April 12, 2014

Survived the Ice to Go Down on Cement

Ok. I didn't post a lot in March because it turned into February and sucked. When it's winter for 14 years a person gets a little down. And speaking of down... i fell pretty hard at the end of March. Not on the ice, but on my neighbs cracked-ass cement stair. Sure, i was drunk, but not the drunkest. Sure, i went down the middle of the steps instead of the side as i normally tend to. And sure, i was wearing slippers instead of my cowgirl boots. But the fault lies with the sonofbitch landlord. He's lucky i didn't break my gawddamn ankle. It was terribly embarrassing and now i'll be scarred for life. I am posting pics so that you can also be scarred for life. You're welcome.
                                                         Right after it happened
The next morning

The swelling started days later - and the bruising

It kept getting bigger, and grosser
The swelling went away but, my gawd, the scab is atrocious

This is what it looks like today, 3 weeks later. I just unwrapped it so it's all gooey, but it'll turn black again soon.

And to think, it used to be a happy foot:

The moral of the pictorial is, never leave your house in slippers. BOOTS FOREVER!