Monday, March 9, 2015

Inflatable Bone

I devastated the kitchen today
made a bigger mess than i needed to
so i could have the satisfaction of making it shine like new
'cause lately i don't really feel like i have control of much
but breaking things just to fix is a really stupid crutch

I bit off more than i can chew
someone grab a bottle brush
cram it all the way down
i certainly don't want it to come back up
-all sticky and shit-brown

I'm in way over my head
thought i could tread forever alone
but now i'd really appreciate someone throwing me an inflatable bone

I'm losing all this sleep but it's so much worse to find it
it's full of normal-looking things
each with a fucking monster right behind it
i don't know how we got here
i see you cringe each time i speak
you don't bother to say to hello or even look in my direction when we meet

So while i sit here calmly, saying i want to be alone
what i really mean is
Can't you please toss me that inflatable bone?
Hand me over that bottle brush?
I know i say i'm fine treading here on my own
But please, friend, could you throw me that fucking bone?

I just don't want to bother you
or step on any toes
but i liked the way it used to be
it's still there, in pieces, i suppose
Now i'm gathering all the shards and making a neat stack
hoping i can find some glue and maybe put them back

I ain't got no reasons and nothing much to say
i acted like a stupid twat in ninety different ways
the whole thing seems so stupid now
like nothing much at all
but you take up so much space in me
and i feel so fucking small

So hand me over that bottle brush
throw me down that bone
i'll take your help and cram it down
and go on floating on my own