Thursday, July 25, 2013

Yo! This is my disclaimer

In case you have sensitive feelers~
This is my blog – MINE! I write stuff, and I post it here. Things happen – I write them down. I imagine things – I write them down. I dream things – I write them down. I don’t feel any moral obligation to always differentiate among the three things. It should be pretty evident to the reader which is the case, and if not, I pretty much don’t care.

Here’s a helpful guide in the event you have some burning desire to tell the fictionalized facts from the fictionalized fiction:
Is the post completely absurd?
     YES: It probably happened or else maybe it didn’t.
     NO: See “YES”.

Will the post get me into trouble with my family, friends or the law?
     YES: Let’s assume I made it up.
     NO: See “YES” from previous question.

Will the post offend strangers?
     YES or NO: Not my problem. Adjust your thinking to respond positively or move on to another blog and forget it.

That off my chest, I hope you enjoy my future posts. Or not. Just read ‘em.

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