Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Holy Social Suicide, Bat-faced Man

I'm pretty sure i hate every single person on FaceBook right now. Or at least, ....oh yeah, ALL OF THEM. I can't say that there so i'm saying it here. Probably, it's just what time of night it is, but i don't care how many pounds of the food you posted pictures of you ate for dinner or how happy you are about falling asleep next to whoever or how awesome your dumb baby is or how you can't wait to wake up and go to the gym. Fine. My posts tend to be boring and/or drunk+confusing this late too which is why i don't make them public. FaceBook should be fun. It's not all about your every thought. That's what blogs are for. So get one. And then see how many people choose to read your poorly thought out bullshit sentences. Not many. I take that from experience. BAM! Right back at me!

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