Saturday, August 10, 2013

No Brainer

You come home. You've been drinking. Your whole life so far is the past and things that you've known, dealt with and carry with you. Those are heavy things. Josh is your enemy and you had to look at his stupid ugly face out of the blue AND while trying to enjoy a meal - ? Yeah, Josh ~ You suck. But whatever. All these things are true. But now - now you have a thing. The thing is an owl with a fat beak and black eye and a bonus slinged wing. HA! You asked for that thing. All the other stuff was just handed over by the Universe and it's yours and you're like, "What the fuck-shit?! I don't want this. What asshole ordered this?!" Just like all the rest of the garbage you have around.

But now, surrounded by the items amassed through pasts unwanted, you need to make room for this owl. It deserves and will have a place in the chaos. Down falls Mojo Jojo, even though he was a bad ass villian and also cute. Down falls the feminist call to action reduced to a button badge. And down falls the little tiny foot prints that kept death and life and the fine line between them so intricately entwined. They are all just things. Someday you will remember. And when you do, you will realize that Right Now not only makes the present but shapes the future. Oh! How it must be treasured!

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